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K, I know this is a longshot posting these kind of wheels on a Mazda forum, but it's my last resort.

I am asking $300 (OBO) on these. They came off of a 1999 Nissan Maxima SE-L special edition.

Bolt pattern is 5x114.3 (yes, they will fit your Mazda if you wish :p)

Last thing...

LOCAL PICK UP ONLY PLEASE! I am not willing to ship across the country, k? Please e-mail or PM me.

Wheel 1:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 3:

Wheel 4:

These wheels are in perfect condition! I'm pretty sure my asking price is a bargain, considering these are rare wheels. It's a steal, really. I even have the boxes they came in for easy pick up. They are taking up needed space in my dad's garage. Someone please take these off my hands! Thanks! :p
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