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Focus 2004

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For those who haven't seen the new Focus 2004....I much prefer my 3....

And the SVT version:

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M3-GT said:
I much prefer my 3....
Definitely!!! :D
They may bring the RS.. then we'd be owned.

But I dont think any Ford car will appeal me anymore. My Focus sucked ass.
well if they bring the RS I would jump on that.
56k Beware

Those pics are all SVT versions.

Here are some pics of the 2005 Focus which is still on its current platform and not on the C1 platform. The pics are of the ST version and the SE version. Kinda takes the looks of the Mondeo front and the ST170 Front bumper.



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It looks like a Jetta and a Focus mated, and out came the restyled Focus. Maybe the baby was premature; they shouldn't have taken the bun out of the oven so soon. Reminds me of a joke...what do you get when you cross Lassie and a canteloupe?
Damn. lol Hope they don't mess up any more cars. They don't have to many in there line up as it is.
ya i sat in the refreshed 2005 Focus at the detroit autoshow... not impressed... the new dash is really grainy, its a nicer feeling material than the previous hard plastic dash tho... it reminds me of the dash in the mk5 Golf. (J Mays has sure brought his VW style to Ford in the past several years)

the front and rear ends aren't very exciting either...

im sure europe will enjoy its new C1 based Focus alot more than our bland reskin of the old Focus...
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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