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Hello fellow Fusion owners. I'm new to this site, I think. The reason I say that is because I went to register today and it said that my name and email address was already in use. So, I logged in using my standard forum name and password and low and behold, BAM, I have been registered on here since 2009?!?!? Sure, ok, I guess so. I'm not new to forums, only to this site.

Anyways, I just bought my very first Fusion, a 2013 Titanium 2.0L T. It's white and the cute glitter in the paint spells AWESOME when the sun hits it just right. It's my second Ford overall. My first was a brand new 2002 Mustang GT which I supercharged. It kept blowing engines and oil pumps, so I got rid of it and let someone else blow the engine and get pissed, and bought a brand new 2005 Acura RSX Type-S. I turbo'd that and fell in love with it. I had to get rid of it due to a growing family. Apparently I can't keep it in my pants, neither can she. I have to say, the Fusion wasn't my first option, it was actually nowhere on my list. My first option was shot down by my wife. I guess her being money smart has it's advantages and disadvantages. Next on my list was either an STi, EVO, or a little more family friendly Sonata 2.0L T. None had the back seat room I required, so while driving down the street one day I stopped in the Ford dealership. I saw the Fusion and test drove it. I instantly liked it. I even bought the one that was sitting on the show room floor. I don't have the AWD though, don't think I really need it.

So I have had it for a total of 2.5 months so far. I've only been able to drive it for about 2 of those months because I just happened to be the reciepent of a suicide by Fusion by some A-hole deer. Why she chose me, I don't know, but it really pissed me off. $5 grand in damage. Anyways, so I really enjoy it and am impressed with all of the features. I'm going to find out how to turn up the boost a few psi soon, but otherwise it has decent power.

I currently live in Clarksville, Tennessee. I'm in the Army stationed at Fort Campbell. Future mods include tint, lowering springs, and an intake, in that order.

Oh an I like long walks in the park and enjoy candle lit dinners overlooking the ocean at sunset. If there's anything else you may want to know about me, the answer is probably either purple or no.
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