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Vote for the track you want to race at on the open date! SELECT ONE ONLY.

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Driver List:

1) R3d Baron (R3d Baron MS3) #56
2) rossisboss (one sn34kySOB)
3) XCNuse (XCNuse) #8
4) manny (manaleyo) #24
5) Kekti
6) Birdfeather (Birdfeather) #101
7) Airman Jack (AirmanKNOWSXBOX) #9
8) Cali_Axela (Reynaldo77) #73
9) thejeans (thejeans19) #19
10) ito (ito 1178) #60
11) DamnLocust (DamnLocust) #51
12) abe_man1 (iHAM EAGLTHRUST) #20
13) daafisch (Ohhh Yea) #67
Please add your gamer tags if you have not done so.


Qualifying will start at 11:20 P.M. central time each race night with or without you! Please be online and ready to party up at 11 so we can get everyone into qualifying groups. Please be on time!

6/27 - Camino Viejo Full - 7 laps

7/4 - Ladera Test Track Full - 8 laps

7/18 - TBD

7/25 - Iberian International Circuit Full - 7 laps

8/1 - Tsukuba FUll - 9 laps

8/8 - Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca - 6 laps

Car: 2007 MX-5 Roadster Coupe (Gen. 3)

Tuning will be Semi-Closed.

Vehicle Rules

Cars will be modified as to my interpretation of the Playboy MX-5 Cup series (

Mod List:

Sport Air Filter
Sport Ignition
Street Exhaust
Street Brakes
Race Springs and Dampers
Race Front and Rear Roll Bars
Race Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage
Street Weight Reduction
Race Tire Compound
Upgraded Front & Rear Tire Width (225/40R17)

Class C353

Any vehicles found to include more than the following or mods other than the following will be disqualified.

All assists must be turned off.

Liveries are not required, though I do encourage them.

Numbers will need to be displayed distinctly on the side of the vehicle to distinguish between vehicles. Numbers will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If I don't hear from you, you will be assigned a number.

Tuning Rules

Tuning will be limited. I understand that different have different driving styles so we will be opening this up a bit.
The following tuning setups are allowed to be changed:

Tire Pressure
Anti-Roll Bars

Gearing, Brakes, Aero, and Differential are to be left as is. Any indication that they have been tampered with will result in disqualification.

Series Rules


Qualifying will be hosted in two separate private matches. Qualifying will be 3 laps. One warm-up lap and two flying laps. Collisions will be turned off for this event.

Cars will be staggered by 5-10 secs. That means at the start of qualifying sessions please do not take off all at once. Let the first car go, and so on and so forth. I understand this may be difficult to enforce, but please try your best to not interfere with other drivers attempting to qualify.

Because of the amount of people, the top 8 qualifiers will move on to the final race. The final 3 may have there own separate heat, but it will not count for points.

Race rules

Whichever driver earns pole position will be the race session's host. Invites will be sent in the order that they qualified to properly grid everyone. In the event that this is not possible, an extra lap will be added as a "parade lap" in order that everyone can be gridded in the correct position.

Amount of laps will be determined by the length of the course.


"Rubbin's racing", but please be clean. It's no fun getting spun out trying to make a pass.

I don't want to see an excessive amount of blocking. If it gets to the point where an accident occurs, it will be reviewed and points may be forfeited.

Most importantly, have fun!


Points will be awarded to the top 7 drivers.

1st - 7 pts
2nd - 6 pts
3rd - 5 pts
4th - 4 pts
5th - 3 pts
6th - 2 pts
7th - 1 pts

I will try to update results ASAP and post them in the OP with updated points standings.

Race Schedule

So far what I'm hearing is that most of you are free on Sunday nights, is that correct? I'll change the poll to see when most of you are available, but I think this is when we will wind up racing. It is race day after all :p.

To keep people from getting bored we will have a relatively short "shoot-out" style season, 6 races total.

I will update this section with a full schedule once I have it worked out.

Ok guys I think that about covers everything. Questions, comments, concerns, please feel free to PM me and I'll see about getting it taken care of or amending the rules.

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Re: FMV Forza Spec Racing Series

[quote author=R3d Baron link=topic=174601.msg3696052#msg3696052 date=1276534442]
Sorry to hear that rocker.

Yeah I was amped up until I realized.. Hey.. we're packing stuff up for the move today and tomorrow.... how are you gonna play your x-box foo?

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Re: FMV Forza Spec Racing Series

Ito, birdfeather and Kekti I need to add your gamertags to the list.

I'm going to let voting and driver entries continue for two more days and then I'm closing entries. If people keep joining while we're in the middle of rule discussion that's just going to shake things up.

If the number stays at ten here's how I'm seeing this working out:

2 qualifying sessions of 5 drivers each (amount of laps TBD)
Top 8 times advance to the race

If we get more people, we may be doing heat/bracket style races, not sure yet.

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Re: FMV Forza Spec Racing Series [2 more days to enter and vote for a vehicle/tune!]

ok add my gamertag?

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Re: FMV Forza Spec Racing Series [2 more days to enter and vote for a vehicle/tune!]

alright......idk how you would forget that though lol

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Re: FMV Forza Spec Racing Series [2 more days to enter and vote for a vehicle/tune!]

[quote author=1mpg link=topic=174601.msg3696555#msg3696555 date=1276549362]
Yo can I get in on this?

yes, you can, if you have an Xbox 360, Forza 3, and Xbox Live access. :)

what days are we running these? or is that still to be determined?
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