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Floor Mats

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Hello Evryone! I just got my Mazda 3 and loving the car.

Just wanted to ask what is evryone using for floor mats? Is the Mazda rubber floor mats worth buying? The carpet mats on my car just wont hold the dirt and snow of the canadian winter.. :wink:
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I use a set of $20CAD (in total) heavy duty rubber floor mats for the spring and winter.

Better than Mazda ones in terms of value and price!
I went to a local Sam's Club and bought a set of their winter floor mats (front and back). I think they were about $30. I have an idea of what the OEM rubber mats look like and if they were anything like the Toyota OEM mats that I have then they are definitely not worth it - the ridges aren't high enough to contain any amount of water.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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