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Well guys like the title says....... the freaking FAA found it necessary to stop us having fun, they are no longer allowing FLD to hold there events at airports, they are fighting to get this reversed but as of now the only events that have been officially planned are in OH.

Here are a few links and info i got from a local Pittsburgh forum.

This is a response from one of the guys that helps setup FLD

I sent an e-mail to Mike and here was his response....

We will be racing in 2009, just not at the airports that we are used to. However, there is a slim chance that we will be able to race in Zelie, Waynesburg, Ebensburg and Waynesburg. The FAA and PennDot is making it difficult for anyone to use an airport for anything that does not fly, not counting your Z. Please stay tuned. I have a few deals in the works with small drag strips and we will run the Flashlight Drags just like in the past.
Michael Schindel

New FLD site w/ schedule
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