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Hey Everyone, I havent posted in a while, but I have been watching the boards. I just got a silver GT last night for $500 under msrp with the processing fee waived as well. I thought it was a pretty good deal. They just got the car in and no test drives, which was a prerequisite for me. So far, I love it. It feels so solid on the road and cant wait to put more miles on it. Also, if anyone is in the area, I bought the car from Jason at Gaithersburg Mazda. He was a great salesman, a little shy, but he got me in and out in an hour and a half and everyone was super nice. They didnt even push any extended warranty or services. I did opt to get the rubber cargo mat and bumper protectors though. And after I got it, I went and picked up a large chair that I had bought a few days before and threw it in the back, no problem. I love the versatility of this car. Hopefully more good posts to come! :klavergreg:
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