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Feedback from Sirius plugged into AUX IN in '07

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I have a simple Stratus reciever and I am getting a strange feedback when using it. This does not occur with my Creative Zen so I have to conclude its the Sirius unit. I am using a normal 1/8'' cable to plug it into the car. As I raise the volume on the HU the feedback grows. At first I thought it was the output level in the siruius unit's settings, but changing that setting showed no improvement. If the reciever is off and my volume is up (above 15) all I have to do is plug the audio cable into the aux input and the feedback noise is made.

Any ideas or solutions?
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You'll need a ground loop insulator -- anything plugged into the 12v accessory will cause the feedback because of (I'm assuming) improper/inadequate grounding.

Something cheapo like this from Radio Shack fixed the same problem for me with my XM receiver:
Same thing is happening with my XM and my Ipod. How would I install the ground loop insulator that is in the link above? I do not use the red and white RCAs and that is how it looks like they are installed.
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