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Yes i am a new member, there are a few peep on here that know me,
and other mazda boards and what not. later today i will post the meet info that i am holding,
i figured it was only right since i got a speed 3 last night i need ot invite my 3 brothers (and sister if any)

hope to see soem of you


PLace: My house
7606 el escorial way
Buena Park, Ca 90620
Reason: To have a bbq with a ton of boards
time: 3:00 pm, ill start the bbq around 4-4:30
who is invited:,,,,,,

Yes i am inviting all these boards to my house, we could have it at wax museum, but cant drink and no restrooms. Its kinda pot luck, ill buy soem drinks and burgers. if people want ot come and see what we need they can run and get some, sorry if i coudl afford to feed aeveryoen i would. But ill start off with around 100 bucks in food and drinks. Any one that has been to the wax museum well i live on the other side of the wall from it and those meets. But this time its in my small neighborhood. so park anywhere on the streets.

we might have a for fun car show prizes i dont knwo if im goign ot get little ribbons made, or you win toy cars (all paid for by me for each catagory)
this will be a show as in ill print up ballots and every one have a flyer in their window with their handle and name on it. and we all vote for each other (just thought it would be fun).
catagories of
best mazda 1,2,3
best ford 1,2,3

best non ford/mazda or other 1,2,3, ( i know some members have moved on to others cars.

overall best of show 1
overall best interior 1
overall best exterior 1
overall best engine bay 1

and i only have an older tv, so ill have the ps2 and xbox set up int he living room, so we can compete in either forza or any other 2 player games i have.
and yes its a saturday so if you drink to much, you can slepe out, but those who ask first will get the 2 remaining beds in the house. please pm me, or post if you can go. im giving a month notice so you have time ot ask for work off or make it here. This isnt just open to cali, if you want to drive to get her, go ahead!!! and drinkig is allowed, (if you are under age, no drunk and i will take keys cause i dont want anyone drinkign and driving).

any tohught or ideas woudl be appreciated, but i will supply a few burger, and buns and a few sodas and beers, and i will see if i can get ahold of ribs and what not!

Thank you

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and i'm one of those peeps that know him ;)

right on dude!!! can't wait to see the new car.
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