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Falken fk-452?

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Looks like these are sale here locally in San Diego @ Evans Tire. Buy 3 get one free. Good timing, I have 23k+ on the RSA's. It should be around $412 installed. Should I get the 'lifetime service agreement" for $42? I searched here but didn't see any reviews here for them. Any reason not to get them?

Your Tire Estimate:

(4) Falken FK-452 - $420.00
Size: 215/45R17
Wheel Balance:
$11.00 $44.00
New Valve Stem:
$0.00 $0.00
State New Tire Fee:
$1.75 $7.00
Tire Disposal:
$3.00 $12.00
Sales Tax:
Total After Tax:

minus $105 for free tire

edit: nevermind, searched under falken fk452 and got more results
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Just in case anyone is looking for tires in San Diego, the 4 tires installed was less that the website quoted me, only $388 including tax. I did add the service agreement and the 4 wheel alignment for $100 more. I was supposed to pick up the car at 4 and but I showed up a little after 3. The manager gave me a free oil change card for having to wait(probably will use that for my wifes car). Never used Evans Tire before, but just wanted to share the good service experience, not to mention a good deal.
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