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tri point was one of the first kits to come specifically for our cars if im not mistaken... cali_axela is running it for a long time with no problems.. and pretty awesome power.. on stock internals...
F2... well dont know.. ive seen the quality of their header.. so IDK.. its not good.... but i cant say anything about the turbo kit, since i didnt c it... im pretty sure ppl will have different opinions...

i would say go with tripoint

Yes the old F2 header was SCI design so we all know about SCI... F2 is not selling that anymore and is redesigning their own version at the moment. He is remaking the exhaust, header, and anything else that was related to SCI...

It is really just down to personal preference... With the F2 you get the bang for the buck deal and with the Tripoint you just have that long term relationship with Mazda. Both are great quality kits. The F2 is much cheaper in cost wise.

Down to performance... F2 has not dynoed the Stage2 kit so we can't tell but the numbers should be at 250whp and 250lbs-ft. The Stage1 kit which has no intercooler and was at 7psi made 208whp and 227lbs-ft. While the Tripoint only makes 242whp and 200lbs-ft. Don't know why the torque is so low but when I ask that is what they chose to tune it as. Both kits are 8.5psi.

This is the 2nd post that i've heard you mention the SCI header that F2 was selling. Where did that information come from? I never saw an SCI header other than them reselling the Draxxas back in the day.
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