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Exhaust Flex-pipe available for the 3?

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I recently picked up a Cosworth Flex-pipe(2.5") to go with the Cosworth Exhaust system I just purchased for my 2.3 powered ZX3,but now I'm getting ready to buy the exhaust system(Trubendz 2.5" w/Res) for our 2005 3 sedan.
I don't want the stock restrictive flex-pipe on there of course,but I'm not seeing any off the shelf options...just custom made....which of course I CAN have made if I have to..but am I missing a supplier here?

I'm NOT running a header on the 3,by the way.....

Also,has anybody tried the Cosworth Flex pipe for the Focus(auto or manual) on the 3?
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the exhaust is different between the focus and the 3 because of different platforms. so the flexpipe for a focus wont work on the 3.

iirc, our flexpipe is a part of the header/cat combo so there is no replacing it unless you get a header which should come with a bigger flex like the draxas header for example.
Yeah some(or all?)of the later model Foci have a non removable flex too... oh well..I won't worry about a flex for now I guess...

I found a pic of the hideous looking stock "manicatflex" combo in a search here of "vibrant header".

Of course,now I want a header for the car...but it is the wife's car so.....probably not gonna happen!
00-04 foci have a removable flex. i had a focus central flex on my 00 sedan.
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