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Ok so its not everything. Just the weight of the car with specifics. While I was washing my car I thought it would be a good idea to get a general idea of the total weight of the car and the weight distribution. So i got the corner scales from the living room and put them under each tire.

Note: these weight numbers are for a 2008 Mazda 3 I sport sedan. Also add about 20 pounds to the right rear for the amp rack thats in my trunk. Other then that the car was empty and had about 1/4 tank of gas.

Here are the numbers:

Total weight - 2732 lbs.
LF - 877 lbs. 32.1%
RF - 801 lbs. 29.3%
LR - 493 lbs. 18.0%
RR - 561 lbs. 20.5%
Front LF+RF 1678 lbs. 61.4%
Rear LR+RR 1053 lbs. 38.6%
Right RF+RR 1362 lbs. 49.9%
Left LF+LR lbs. 1370 lbs 50.1%
Cross RF+LR 1294 lbs 47.4%

LR=Left Rear
RR=Right Rear
LF=Left Front
RF=Right Front
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