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Even More Mount Issues

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I guess it's not just the mazdaspeeds having the problem with the engine dropping out. Check out these pics from a regular mazda 3.
This is pretty silly ... I'm starting to get really paranoid about even pushing my car whatsoever or driving at high speeds. I couldn't imagine what would happen if your motor dropped like that at 155 MPH. This is a MAJOR safety concern to me!
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those pics are so damn high res I cant see em, is that a 2007 as well? maybe its a model year issue.
yea i know hey .. they take forever to load .. there like actual size of the car to scale lol. Anyways yeah the car is 9 months old...
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those pics are so damn high res I cant see em, is that a 2007 as well? maybe its a model year issue.

I believe it's an 06.
Yah I'm not positive on the year .. just that its 9 months old with less than 10k on the car .
Here is a better pic thats low resolution. Appears to be the same mount that is causing problems on ours.
they are so big...I bearly know what i am looking at...none the less, it looks like 06. and Sucks none-the-way....mazda supposedly has a fix...use loctite on the bad mounts...why/how? I dunno, but that is what they are doing
i'd say "If it hasnt broken by now, it wont break"
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Copper Red = 06, at least stateside at least. Plus the rims are still the 04-06.

indeed...engine cover says not 04 or 05 by deletion...must be 06 :D ...another job well done Dr Watson
Has anybody heard from a mazda dealer or from mazda headquarters that this issue is known and being looked into?

I would liek to know that Mazda is goign to do something about this.
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