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Emblem Question (Mazda, 3, Axela etc.)

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I have a few questions please take the time to answer one or all of them. I would appreciate it.

I am looking for BLACK colored back "M" Symbol (Mazda Logo) Emblem [NOT CHROME] but black. And I also want a BLACK "MAZDA" Emblem and maybe also a BLACK "M" Emblem for the front. Also I was wondering if a h/b Axela emblem would work on my sedan? When I put the Axela emblem should I take off the 3?


Daniel :klavergreg:
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As ebhcr stated, they can easily be painted.

Yes the Axela emblem will fit your sedan trunklid... and its all a matter of preference on whether or not you remove the 3. Personally, I would, but that is just me.
what specifically is the difference betweem the axela badge for the sedan and hatch
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