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So I decided to email Mazda my concern about the gas consumption and cranking time please read below my email:

I purchased a Mazda3 Hatchback and have been disapointed
with miles per gallon I have been getting. I have been driving very
conservatively, but I'm consistently getting 20-21 miles per gallon. I'm
lucky if I get 260 miles on a full tank. I've got almost 2000 miles on
the car and I'm surprised that my old V6 Camry has better MPG than my
new 4 cylinder car. I'm also having to crank the ignition more than once
a few times because the engine doesn't start right away. Please advised
me of what to do. Do I need to replace the fuel pump? Also, I found on
message boards and forums that other Mazda3 owners are experiencing the
same issues. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated because I love
this car but these issues are letting me down.
Here is the response I got:

Thank you for contacting Mazda North American Operations. I appreciate
the opportunity to respond to you.

In regards to your question, the EPA fuel mileage estimate for your
vehcile is 24 to 29 MPG. If you feel that your vehicle has an actual
defect that may be causing low fuel mileage, that I can not speculate
as to a diagnosis or a repair for. For these matters, Mazda relies on
the factory-trained technicians at authorized Mazda dealerships to
diagnose and repair concerns that may arise with a Mazda vehicle.

Each Mazda dealership has access to Mazda's Quality Assurance
Department via a technical hotline. This is offered to each dealership
should they need assistance from Mazda with diagnosing or repairing a
Mazda vehicle. Therefore, they are equipped with unlimited technical
support and resources to ensure that your vehicle is operating to
factory specifications.

In regards to the fuel economy you are experiencing, please note that
the gas mileage listed by the EPA for your vehicle is an ESTIMATE.
There may be some variance for fuel efficiency with particular vehicles
and there are ALWAYS variables that will effect fuel consumption. Some
such variables include; long warm-ups, fast starts, untuned engine or
lack of proper maintenance, constant A/C use, driving style in general,
weight of cargo (including human), wheel alignment and also tire

Fuel expense, frequency of fill ups or fuel gauge readings are not
accurate as a measure of fuel economy. We do NOT recommend taking fuel
economy measurements during the first 1000 miles of driving in most
vehicles. While your MAZDA3 5-Door does not necessarily require a
"break in" period you will get more accurate measurements of what your
vehicle will typically achieve after 2000-3000 miles. Based on this,
you may wish to wait until your vehicle has this mileage before you
carefully begin such measurements, as it is much more likely to give a
stable reading with higher mileage.

For your further reference, your best source of information about
actual fuel economy is you, the driver. You must gather information as
accurately and consistently as possible, if you are concerned with the
exact fuel mileage of your vehicle. You may also find further
information regarding fuel and driving recommendations in your MAZDA3
5-Door Owner's Manual.

Again, thank you for contacting Mazda. It has been my pleasure to
assist you. Please feel free to reply to this message with any further
questions or comments.

Please take a moment to give us your opinion about our e-mail service.
Click the link below to complete a brief, online survey.


William Zdan
Specialist, Customer Assistance E-Business
Just thought I'd share this with the board...what do you guys think??

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sounds like they are saying your an overweight speed demon who doesn't know what he's talking about. haha I need to email/call them about the brake disc grooving issue, although i'm sure they will give me a similar bs answer. I personally find mazda service department (the 2 that i've been to so far) to be rather lacking in professionalism, and honesty, especially compared to when i used to go to honda for my accord.

I too was concerned about gas mileage. on my first tank, i got 29+ mpg (mostly freeway, some city, mixed regular/aggressive driving, manual transmission), but now, I'm at the same point on my fuel gauge, and it looks like i'll fall way short of that on this tank. I'm probably gonna fill up tonight, so i'll let you know what my mpg turns out to be. What brand gas are you using? just 87 octane right? automatic or manual?

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Seriously....Ok...I'll admit that my beer belly is causing me to lose MPG's....j/k I usually Shell gas...this time I got Costco gas so we'll see if there's a difference; oh and my car is Automatic

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hahah....opps....yeah....i shell gas....i meant I get Shell Gasoline

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Yeah, I don't like Shell gas. My best results are with Chevron, but you pay up the nose for it.

This is my favorite part of their response:
untuned engine
Umm.... Hmm... I thought that my car was supposed to come tuned.
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