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Eibach Prokit ( Help )

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Hello... Just fitted Eibach Prokit . Yea (Nice Drop) But Noise came out from my front( Left,Right ) and rear Right after i pass uneven road or humps. Anyone have this problem? Or is this normal ?
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Tighten the important bolts with a torque wrench.

This generally happens if you don't tighten something enough.
do a search on this site for torque specifications/suspension, i think they are on here. if not, call the dealer, they'll know.


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I am assuming that the units for the numbers are Newton-Meters {kilogram-force meter, foot-pounds force}.

Am I to understand that it just needs to be in the range of the torque values, i.e for nut #9 it could be torqued at 65 N-M and that would be sufficient??
yep. the most common used is the bottom# ft-lbs.
[quote author=jflash link=topic=70179.msg1226238#msg1226238 date=1172205698]
yep. the most common used is the bottom# ft-lbs.

just like the key/legend at the bottom right of the picture says. :D

Those are useful pictures..

That is what I get for not scrolling down.

I had a drop and I guess the kit was installed poorly. ride was noisy as *f*! i had to get new struts and other parts. but it's a smooth ride now. :klavergreg:
You should not have any noises.

Make sure the spring is seated and turned all the way till it touches the seat.

Don't leave a gap as some say.
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