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I found it on fleaBay UK for £30 shipped, Problem was he would only ship to a UK addy, so I called in a favor with a friend and had it sent there. I did find an online retailer/dealer of Mazda stuff in the UK but they wanted way too much money for it and I think they were trying to pull a fast one because they claimed it would cost over £55 to ship it even thought the part only cost £45. I know the shipping rates from the UK and that is total BS. If you are okay with paying $150 in the end, I can tell you the name of the dealer.

My suggestion is go over to our sister site - and put a post out to see if someone will help you. If you do, you might want to offer to help them get their hands on any US stuff in return.


Can you point me to the seller, or search keywords you used to find it? I've tried everything I can think of on ebay uk and no luck...
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