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I purchased 4 Toyo Versado LX tires from in December 2007. Since then, I’ve put about 20,000 miles on them. At my last oil change, my mechanic mentioned that I’m getting some wear on the tires.

I checked Toyo’s website and it said to contact my dealer for treadwear warranty info. I emailed eastcoasttires and said that after 20k miles, my tires were starting to show some wear and I’d like the warranty info on those tires.

Their reply was to check the air pressure and get an alignment. I wanted warranty info, not general maintenance tips…. So I clarify that I take care of my care and would like the warranty info. They tell me to ship them my tires with all my records and they would look at them.

I just want the warranty info. If the wear fits into the warranty I plan on visiting my local dealer to have them inspected and replaced.

At this point I’m getting annoyed with them not answering my question. So I say,” So, I guess there isn't an actual written warranty on my tires?

I'll just take it to my nearest Toyo dealer. I'll make sure to purchase from them next time as well.”

Their “Customer Service” replies, “Thats fine, I just told you exactly what to do if you believe that the tires are defective, that is how to handle it. I cant just say yes and give you a refund etc. There has to be proof that the tires were serviced accordingly.”

Now that’s a reasonable reply if I was asking for them to replace my tires. I’m simply asking for warranty information for tires I paid them $600 for.

It has been an annoying morning dealing with them. So, I’d suggest you avoid them if you want straight answers about your tires.
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Re: - I\\\'d suggest avoiding them

I think youre missing the major point of, your tires @ 20,000K miles used and the mechanic notices some \\\"wear\\\" on them. WTF did you expect them to be completely brand new at 20,000K miles ?!
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