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Up for sale is the Heli E-Flite Blade CP PRO (hardly used, but does show some minor usage); however, I have tons of new replacement parts. Getting this thing air born is very tricky and learning how to fly it takes time, patients, and..... lots of spare parts =). Paid over $400 for the unit and all the accessories in 2009. I am looking to get at least $250 (shipping not included). Totally, un-related, but I will include a PARTS ONLY HELI that I found in front of my house abandoned. You can try to salvage what you can. The model of the heli is DoubleHorse 9101 (no remote controller) - I looked it up online and these are the helis that sale for $70 at a mall kiosk.

Also have a HobbyZone Firebird Phantom Airplane - see pictures for details. Price is $40 (shipping not included).

Just like to re-emphasize that I hardly played with these items and they have been sitting on my shelf for the past year. The conditions of both items does show some wear due to beginner's experience, but everything is in working condition. I may be inclined to sell everything for $250 MAYBE SHIPPED, if one person takes everything and the shipping cost is not too expensive.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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