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Drove a hiboosted 3

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not impressed

but it's going to the shop for a reason, so maybe with a better tune it will be a little more impressive. Also I can now tell you for sure that I don't want to put 19's on a mazda 3.
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Yes there are differences between the years but the wiring should all be the same. They both use Ford tach drivers. One is 8cylinder and the other is 4cylinder. And from what I have seen with both tack drivers they have the same amount of wires on them.
Then you have the injector wires which are the same for all years.

And as stated the Haltech set-up is different because of the different tach drivers.

Which wire is different as I would like to know also?
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anyone watch southpark tonight?

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found out some new stuff about the car.

the last guage is an oil temp, and doesn't light up cause it isn't plugged in. also the amps arn't connected so thats why the sterio didn't work.

first thing to be dealt with will be the brake pads though. The hiboost kit will be examined more closely a little later on.
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141 - 147 of 147 Posts
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