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Drove a hiboosted 3

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not impressed

but it's going to the shop for a reason, so maybe with a better tune it will be a little more impressive. Also I can now tell you for sure that I don't want to put 19's on a mazda 3.
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as he said though guys (as well as in another post) is that car wasn't working well. who knows what's wrong with it. if the guy paid to ship if here from Hawaii to get fixed/tuned/whatever....i would hope it woudl be VERY unimpressive in it's current state.

how long you have it for, i just got word i'll be picking mine up in 2 weeks. so anyone planning on heading to the Redline Time Attack will be able to see it the same time i do.
how long you guys have it for? i'd like to meet up maybe and see what's up. i know one of the SCI owners in the IE was talking about meeting up too, maybe meetup over at F2 or something?

do you guys know what the issue with the car is from first impression? again, if literally, everyone else is doing good with the HiBoost kit, then perhaps this is a "pilot" error as well? i know the kit has evolved a bit, and parts could be a bit better, but i think it's the general "pleasantness" of how the HiBoost kit goes together than makes it nice. not necessarily the way things just "look".

I'll have my car at Buttonwillow on the 27/28th....guessing Ricardo will be there, get some more mazda's out there!
though some of us knew, i think it would have been better to start off with the severity of the cars issues in your orignal post. if it were stated that the owner had such an issue with the car that they paid to have it shipped from Hawaii....i think that would be a bit more effective than "it might need some tuning, so we'll see".

i do agree that it seems like the original post was put there to dog, or at least level out the HiBoost kit with the SCI kit. might not have been meant that way, but knowing some of the background and not stating it makes it seem odd.

kind of like how Jake didn't post that he overboosted at first, just that the sci kit blew his engine. they are COMPLETLEY 2 different things, though the turbo/actuator were part of the SCI kit, so you COULD say it was the kits fault. understand what i'm sayin?
good lord, why don't mods ever come into this forum? there are soo many threads that seem like they could be cleaned up or kept on track a bit better with a little nudging from a mod.

....i'll do it, randomness just seems to frustrate me. this and the mod section are all i go in outside of socal, and both seem so irratic most of the time.

i'd say stay on topic, but it's pointless....let's throw some dlp's off trucks or wire an ok hiboosted dlp or something i guess
sure there is, and you've posted your thoughts about it a dozen times now....just because most don't agree with the topic doens't mean it can't be posted.

let's all ask again, someone's got to listen
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