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Drove a hiboosted 3

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not impressed

but it's going to the shop for a reason, so maybe with a better tune it will be a little more impressive. Also I can now tell you for sure that I don't want to put 19's on a mazda 3.
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not impressed
dont bash on hiboost and Juan, his kit is very very nice and WORKING!
[/quote] :Owned:

not this one

As LC and MrTea were nice enough to point out there is a reason it was shipped from hawaii to cali. Other than that it was a neat car to drive, lots of time and money went into it that's for sure. But so far, tune asside I wasn't impressed with the kit. I don't mean to say it sucks, but I've seen the SCI, hass, and hiboost kits now, and I'm happy with the one I've got. I mean, it's a turbo kit.... I've got one too...

Euro if I think the extra time in my roommates 330+ awhp Evo MR9 had more to do with it than not being used to a mazda 3...
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1: who are u talking about? whos car?
2: i have seen pix of the SCI kit and i have seen hiboost in person, the SCI looks like some cheap tubing all over the place, i heard ppl shaving them, that it doesnt fit right, or not tight enough.
3: its ur ROOMATES not yours.
4: SCI DOES NOT EXIST ANY MORE, if u work in it or for it ...
5: care to elaborate why every cars that have been runing SCI went pufff? (ed swap to the haltech just on time)

1) don't know if he's forum member, but Jake knows him.
2) that's nice, mine fits, so maybe the person putting it on is just retarded... they all come off the same fixture, how is it one fits and the next doesn't... It's the pilot not the plane.
3) that's nice, what does it matter when I have the keys?
4) yes they do, they're just not a sponsor here anymore.
5) the only car that went [quote author=eurotuner link=topic=74361.msg1325988#msg1325988 date=1176254249]pufff[/quote] was jakes, and that was due to a wg problem, not the kit. then hex's car fell victim to the same wg.... I think I see a pattern.
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why would you even make this thread?

obviously the car has some issues. considering it was shipped from hawaii which prolly cost an arm and leg

damn! i removed my header and now my car is really loud. this exhaust sucks.

just givin first impressions, when it's working correctly and wows me I'll post that too.
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[quote author=sleeping link=topic=74361.msg1326058#msg1326058 date=1176255544]
I think I see a pattern.
so do i!
SCI is crap, dont buy from it!

well euro, you can't buy from it, cause they won't sell to you, well or anyone for that matter. you have to be a distributor.

I'm sorry if you're not happy with your service from SCI, but I have been. And just to get a few things right, I'm not on the SCI payroll. They're in my sig because, 1 I have a bunch of their part, 2 cause I like said parts, and 3 cause they're local to me and the other socal members who's thread is advertised right above SCI.
my car was in a car crash, and both the motors that I've blown up were runnin n/a, one of the forum members was here when I blew it up and saw under my hood the second time, and the first time I didn't even have the turbo yet.

jerad's car is doing fine, we drove it down to Long Beach to get the other 3

and there are more than 4 SCI kits in existance, one was put on a 2.0 last weekend. But since that person doesn't post here, and SCI doesn't post here anymore, you wouldn't know about any of the other cars. And there are more than you would think.

It's nice that you've jumped on the hate SCI band wagon, but this was my opnion of the hiboost kit, which as I already said, didn't impress me. I didn't say it was bad, I didn't say it was dangerious, I didn't say I hated it.
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if it the car i am thinking about then, that car was a guinea pig
the first 06' to get boosted.
eschalon or something like that?

Not sure about that

To answer Mr. Tea, well, it's kind of a complicated answer. firstly I can tell you that everything sounded alright, you can here it spooling, hear the bov, so that all sounds normal. He's got a boost guage and an afr guage. The boost guage can't be right, because it was sayin I was holding 10psi whenever I went to change lanes, and getting on it it was building up way higher than that (according to the guage) but it's obvious by the butt dyno that it's not doing anything like that. The afr was eradic as hell it liked to be just above 10 under boost, but was more bouncing around from mid 11 to nearly 16 when holding speed. pretty much the whole time I could smell the car running pig rich, especially since my car runs lean and doesn't smell like ass.

now the car also has an electrical problem, that I don't know anything about but the guages lost power sort of intermitantly, the boost guage stayed on most often, but the afr guage shut off a few times, and there was a 3rd guage that I couln't read cause it didn't come on. The check engine light came on and went off a couple of times, and another drivers light was flashing at me the whole way home. not sure what it was and havn't looked in my owners manuel to figure it out.

on a "the pilot" note I couldn't figure out how to turn the sterio on, I mean it was on but I couldn't get any volume out of it. Between that and the smell, it was a long drive back to Canyon Lake from LB.
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[quote author=eurotuner link=topic=74361.msg1326171#msg1326171 date=1176257537]
Is SCI gonna apologized? refund? ship out?
so many people had trouble with him

if he is alive, he should reply to this ppl

what about the ETD we have been waiting for responses for ever

what about the exhaust, its been now 7 month that it we are supposed to get some updates " tomorow".

this company is done for a lot of people.

and you thread is useless, who cares about what you think (no offense), but "thats nice".
it is 1 vs 10, your comment will not leave a mark!
your never going to buy a turbo, so wtf?

As far as the other stuff, SCI outsorced the exhaust production though f2, if they're late, it's not SCI's fault. As far as the ETD goes, your not going to buy one of those either so again wtf, and as for SCI's bussiness with other members, that has nothing to do with me, and nothing to do with this thread.
[quote author=eurotuner link=topic=74361.msg1326235#msg1326235 date=1176258764]
the exhaust SCI never said anything about F2, this is Jerad putting the blame on some1 else. F2 was not involved in this at first or in the middle, or near the end.

Are you serious? wth?

why would you know more about this situation than I do?

and why would I lie?

yeah SCI never said anything about the F2's involvment, but then again, they didn't say anything period. I started that thread, and I was the one who blew it by talking about it long before it was out. Eventually SCI said it was coming, and I saw them on the shelves. Then as it turns out the sample and the original fit, but none of the production pieces did. So that caused more delay.

I mean seriously, you know nothing of what goes on with these companies, so why would you assume you know more about what goes on than I do.

This thread isn't even about SCI, it's about my opnion of a car I drove, and since I'm the OP and don't jack your threads why don't you kindly do the same.
[quote author=small town king link=topic=74361.msg1326359#msg1326359 date=1176261814]
i still don't understand how you can form an opinion on a car while it's in gimp mode.

it's like a pepsi exec drinking an expired coke and going, this shit is garbage!
[/quote]and I'll write more as it gets fixed, that's why the title is "drove a hiboosted 3" and not "drove a hiboosted 3 and it sucked"

I didn't lie to make the kit sound bad, I said exactly what happend, even explained what was wrong with the car so everyone would know.

sure, maybe the kit will be impressive once it's fully functional, but on looks alone, my opnion stands. like I said, we'll see if that changes as I see more of the car. Maybe I'll end up loving it like everyone else, and buy one myself. maybe I'll fall in love with the haltech and just do what ed did. but for now I'm not impressed, I don't see the problem here.

but thanks for adding your comparison ;)
but I didn't even bash it, in fact I said several times that I wasn't bashing it. stop being so overly sensative, especially when you don't even have one.
[quote author=the415 link=topic=74361.msg1326539#msg1326539 date=1176265889]
me not having one(yet) has nothing to do with it.

i would say the same thing if you were talking about anything else. your intentions, although you consciously deny it, were to cast a shadow on a product that obviously wasn't up to spec. poor taste imo.

and your being soar because your a hiboost fanboy and I posted actual events where a hiboost turbo preformed poor.
[quote author=the415 link=topic=74361.msg1326551#msg1326551 date=1176266201]
keep denying it. ;)

Denying that I bashed hiboost?
quote me, please.
[quote author=lc link=topic=74361.msg1326565#msg1326565 date=1176266842]
OMG I swear some of you must be like 15...

"maybe with a better tune it will be a little more impressive" - oh yeah he was trying to make it sound bad, huh? :roll:

Unimpressed means "I already have a kit that works fine IMO, and here's a hiboosted car that admittedly has problems, but none-the-less I didn't see/experience anything really special about it." Slight difference between that and " I think the hiboost kit is a piece of sh%$, and here's an example of why".

You guys sound like the MS3 guys when I did a review of my first visual inspection of a MS3 on the lot and wasn't that impressed. Chill. :p

Thank you.

and I didn't wait to post, cause I don't know, I figured I could write more than once...

I got to see the kit, heard the kit, that's something.
[quote author=sleeping link=topic=74361.msg1325292#msg1325292 date=1176239203]
not impressed

but it's going to the shop for a reason, so maybe with a better tune it will be a little more impressive. Also I can now tell you for sure that I don't want to put 19's on a mazda 3.

granted I could have been more diplamatic, maybe not lead off with the not impressed part, but I drove a car with no music and bad gas smell for an hour and forty minutes, made a quick post ate lunch and played video games. There was no alterior motive, I said in a previous post in another thread that I'd be driving one, I did, and I posted about it.

I understand what your saying, but that wasn't my intention. If that were my intention I'm sure I could have done a much better job of slaming hiboost... but that's not what I'm trying to do.
^ it is. I took some pix too, I can post them if anyone really wants to see, but it's the same car.
[quote author=Hexedit link=topic=74361.msg1331019#msg1331019 date=1176406403]
My car felt balls out fast.....

0-explosion in 5 flatt :lol:


btw the pinout for the 04-05 is different than the 06, and the 07 is different from that. Also SCI didn't install this turbo, it was sold through SCI but installed in Florida.
I'm going by my car (an 05) and jerid's car (an 06) an the 2.0 (an 07) that was just SCI boosted
[quote author=the415 link=topic=74361.msg1331514#msg1331514 date=1176414402]
first, euro, shut the fuck up. you have no say here.

sleeping, jake sent me his scans for an 06 ecu pinout which matched the hiboost directions AND told me when manuel installed the haltech that everything was the same. i guess im just full of shit then.

well it's possible your full fo shit, but it's also possible that jake doesn't have a pzev 06, in which case he probably would have the same pinout as an 05.

jerad on the other hand has a pzev 06 (the only ones you can get out here in cali) and it is different. Maybe I'll have to get a closer look at carbonfire's car, as it's an 06 nonpzev (bought in florida)

My guess is your probably not "full" of shit, just the part above your shoulders for not thinking of this possibility on your own j/p ;)
Oh and be nice to euro, that's the first one I've seen him get right.
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