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I think I have nailed the problem... (This fix is only for those who have the same "latch and loop rattle" symptom)

Driver side door rattles while going on a steady speed (happen mostly at freeway speed). If pressure applies on the door’s armrest, rattle goes away.

According to balsone and mctwist, the rattle came from the extra space "The Play" between the door latch and the metal loop.
See original tread

I tried the electrical tape trick, no luck… other member recommended dynamat, too much work…

Until now, I've found the easiest way to cure this problem (at least to me and hopefully it will works on yours too)!!!

1. Get some vinyl bumper from Home Depot or any hardware stores. Or you might already had some laying around.

This is the particular brand I tried and it did the trick. Other brand should work just fine.

2. Locate the rounded bevel spot on the body frame (where the OEM door bumper should sit on when the door closed) and stick one vinyl bumper onto it.

Illustration shown the approximate location of the rounded bevel spot on the body frame

3. You are done!!! (It’s faster than putting on your stubby antenna)

The vinyl bumper create an extra padding to the OEM door bumper and compensated "The Play". Now the door close tighter and the rattle is gone!!!

Good luck and enjoy the peacefulness of a rattle free world.... :jimmyt:
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