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Hi Everyone
I am new to the forum so forgive me if this isn’t the correct format for posting questions, I’m sure I’ll pick it up quick.
Thank you for taking the time to read my post... i have had my mazda 3 since new and up until now it has run problem free (and been maintained well) I would be really grateful if someone might be able to give me some advise before taking my car back to a mazda dealers garage. The car is a mazda3 2.2 sport 2011. Have been driving with a flashing dpf light illuminated for a few years, took it to a garage at this time when had a full service, supposably they did a successful regeneration but couldn’t turn light out (I didn’t take it into Mazda to reset which in hindsight was a mistake) Recently a tapping sound became more apparent from the engine when idling and some time after the check engine light illuminated (accompanied by the TCS/DSC indicator light) I took it to my local garage who told me after taking a quick look that the engine oil seemed contaminated with diesel, (possibly linked to the repeated regen of the dpf) and with several fault lights that were on together meant it could be a catalog of problems that would be difficult to diagnose and it would probably cost me a fortune and advised getting rid! As I saw it the car which would probably Now be worth between 4-5k was worthless in current state so I’d try and resolve myself. (And I don’t want to sell anyway!) I flushed the engine dropped the sump and made sure no sludge deposits left, all looked fine. It’s coming up to 97,000 miles and I read several people suggesting that after 75k the dpf May be near the end of its life so to take this out of the equation I bought a new one to be sure and replaced this. Putting the existing sensors back in. The tapping from the engine was a slack timing chain, bought a new chain and tensioner kit and that has been fitted. Did a full service on filters, new oil and test drove. Success, mechanically everything seem sound, but after asking a local mechanic to hook up to their diagnostic and clear the errors (2 out of 3 were out, he couldn’t get the dpf light out as didn’t appear on his software) and then the other 2 came back on when I took the car! Does anyone have any advise what I should do next? I am guessing I have a sensor problem, maybe the lambda sensors either end of the dpf? Or something else? (these sensors aren’t cheap so wanted to avoid randomly buying if unlikely) are the other 2 warning potentially just linked to one sensor being broken? Do I bite the bullet and take to Mazda for diagnostic, are they likely to be able to accurately say it’s this or that sensor?
Also a friend mentioned checking EGR valve, (I’ve not located yet), perhaps it’s something related that is causing the other light to show ... any advise on this would be so welcome?
Thanks again in advance for reading and any advise
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