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Door molding removal

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Could some one please make another "How To" on door molding removal with pics please
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it's not hard at all. just pull them off then use a blow dryer to help take off the tape or some goo-gone.
will a goo-gone type cleaner screw up the paint?
easy way to do it is a piece of fishing line

get 2-3 inches into the piece so you can grap it and pull and walk

leaves nothing behind to clean off except for the part you used the fishing line to get it started
sweet. i think i will do that right now! :D
[quote author=carbonfire link=topic=69765.msg1214077#msg1214077 date=1171747598]
will a goo-gone type cleaner screw up the paint?

i dont have acess to fishine like. will sewing string work?
sewing string might be too weak, unless you got some thick stuff
you got kit string?

ive done about 5 mazda3's now

its the easy/fast/clean way to do it

grab... pull... walk

well i live on a navy base and (despite all the water) noone around here goes fishing or has that kind of stuff. i cand get a hairdryer/heatgun out to mu car unless i have about 200yards of extension chord. the seing string is in a sewing kit.
maybe i can get a long piece and twist it up so it is double thick?
give it a shot

or layer some dental floss and move very slowly

you only need to do a little bit so you can grap it with your fingers and start pulling
when i bought the car in pensacola, the dealer said it might damage the paint (flake off or something) is that a posiblity?
no problems

i did it to my 04 about a month after purchase, drove it for 2.5 years after

its real paint underneath

when i got my 07 it only took about 3 days to come off
thanks a bunch
mix want to think about a wax job though as for there isnt wax underneath

its close to spring anyway so you should be waxing soon anyway
i was planning to do that today anyways so i will do it all at once! thanks for the help
just finished! looks sweet. i am not sure if i want to get rid of the 2.3 badge or just relocate it. what do you guys think?
when i had my 04 i took mine off

if you like the clean look the removing of door molding has given you
make it cleaner and take off the 2.3
i think that i will keep it for a few days and then decide. thanks for the help!
cut and modify to make it say 3.2 maybe scare the shit out some people
:lol: sounds like something i would do... if i do you will be the first to get a pic lol
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