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Does anyone have a picture of a aftermarket head unit?

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Installed in their Mazda3 that is
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do a search - there are a few pictures on this forum.
nothing that looks great though, from what i saw...
The best one i saw was the one were they left the OEM HU in and added a after market HU in the ashtray. I just don't like the idea of cutting the vents like they said they had to do.
so there is no adapter kit or anything yet?

and what about the controls on the steering wheel, possible to make them work with an aftermarket headunit or what?
There isnt a kit as of yet. Chances are, we will wait at least another year before we see one.

For steering controls interface, PAC has one called the SWIX. Tricky to set up, but once its set, works great.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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