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I hate to drag older topics back up, but I feel this needs to be addressed...

Turtle Wax may not make the best waxes in the world, but there is nothing wrong with them either. If you want to make sure that this mysterious and dreaded "silicone" stuff doesn't touch your paint, you probably shouldn't wax it at all, because pretty much all detailing products (except maybe shampoo and some cleaners) contains it in some form or another.

"Silicone" doesn't just mean one particular thing and there are hundreds of different silicone-based chemicals. Some of them are more friendly than others, which is why some body shop polishes claim to be "silicone free" (even though I am pretty sure that they can't be, strictly speaking). Manufacturers also don't like to use this word sometimes because it has picked up a very bad reputation from the old days. This article goes over this issue more clearly and thoroughly than I am capable of:

Waxing with any wax is better than not waxing it at all, body shops these days should be able to deal with any product you put on the paint, and a small number of waxes actually might last a year on your car (Turtle Wax isn't one of them), but it depends on many factors and you won't find any of them on your typical store shelf.

Just didn't want anyone worrying too much about the wax they're using...
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