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WatchDogTM Multi-function Performance Gauge (40400) Works on Cadillac, Chrysler, Volkswagon, Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC, Infinity, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercedes Nissan, Toyota

Optimizing the performance of your vehicle starts with understanding what it is doing and how it is performing. As you modify your vehicle in any way it is important to know and understand what those modifications are doing to your vehicles performance, it is also important to understand these things when altering your chassis set-up and/or your driving style. Keeping an eye on vehicle parameters such as temperatures and speeds is also very important to any performance vehicle owner. The Bully Dog WatchDogTM provides users with all of these features in one unit. The monitoring features of the WatchDogTM can be customized in many ways including: gauge layout, colors, parameters monitored (allows 4 parameters to be monitored at one time on the high capacity, crystal clear screen), warning/alarms and settings. Everyone has dreamed of having a race track of their very own to test their vehicles performance, the WatchDogTM almost fulfills those dreams. Enter some basic information for your vehicle such as engine size and away you go. Measuring acceleration/deceleration time and distance, lap times and more through advanced data collection gathered; that information is then processed by the Performance Management software in the WatchDogTM. The end result is information that is accurate within a .10 of a second.
Bully Dog Technologies

I bought this thing for a Mazda, quess what?? It is not supported for a Mazda so it is brand fricken new I can not use it. I would return it but I bought it before I came back from deployment so it sat for months.


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