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Well, it's been 25,600 miles and I haven't touched my Mazda3 with the Machine Polisher... However, in the past month I've done a Land Rover and the Porsche, and here are some pictures.

I figure I'd post my results and process because detailing a car, is detailing a car...

The family car, the Exotic, and the every day driver. heh

Scratched up Land Rover

Major Swirls on the Land Rover

Land Rover Finished

Land Rover hard to take pictures of black...

Porsche Hood (02' Carrera 4S)

BEAutiful, Picture taken 1 month after a wash

Anyways, first I dawn, then Clay
Then one or two of the following:
3M Rubbing Compound + Yellow Pad
Finesse It II + Orange Pad
Perfect It II Swirl Remover for Dark Cars + White Pad
P21S Paintwork Cleansing Lotion
Zaino Z-5 + ZFX. (I'm switching to Menzerna though... Or at least giving it a Try mid April on my Mazda3)

BTW, No the Porsche and Land Rover are not mine, but yes I like driving them A LOT. :)

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[quote author=mshu7 link=topic=72279.msg1274696#msg1274696 date=1174244903]
Very nice work, especially on the swirls! You've gotta feel good working on cars like that! :)


Mike would know :)

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