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Delivery times

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Hey Guys,

Just sold my 03 A4 3.0Q and have had my MS3 on order since early february. :lol: The dealer just now got my vin number and my build date is 4 April. I guess the nav holds up production. Anyhow, just wanted to see how long you guys had to wait once your car was produced until it reached the dealer. Also, does mazda have any kind of automated order tracking system by phone like BMW does? I stressed how anal I am about my cars to my salesman so I told him once it gets in, park it as far away from anything as you can, leave all the plastic on the body panels, and do not wash it. Apparently they were willing to accomodate that but the beauty of being OCD is that I know I won't have any scratches on my paint from some schmo washing it...

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Mine took just about 4 months from order to arrival.
mine took ~4.5 months give or take a few days. Was it worth the wait? hell yes. Does navi hold it up longer? not really.

the 'automated tracking' we have is Suzanne, and leofaye. :) t here is a post about east coast tracking - but I don't know what your location is.
mine took about 3 months.
mine looks to be like it will be 2 months from production to delivery. I don't have it yet though so that is speculation. I heard 6-8 weeks is average for cars, but ours seem to be more.
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