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Hey everyone, I have another request lol. I don't like 5-spoke wheels, but I've been contemplating the RX-8's for a little while now. I know they look good on everyone's car who has them, but I would REALLY like to see how they look on MY car. I don't know much about these wheels, so info would be good too (size, etc). I'm looking for 18's...thanks!

Here's the car:

Here are the wheels:

Also, I would like to see these Drag DR-19's. I really like them, except for those darn rivets...they're similar to the MB Mesh X wheels I had photoshopped by Lara in my last request, just cheaper.

So if anyone knows of cheap, light, good-looking 18" wheels, info would be appreciated (they need to be fairly light for auto-x). And feel free to chop any wheels you may find on my car! Thanks again everyone :)
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