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OK..ill "try" to sum it up.
I traded in a car 2 months ago and basically was -1600 in equity. I wasnt patient enough and got a 07' mazda 6i. manual, cause of the rebates.(2k) ..I should of waited 1 month or so and got what i realy wanted, sport ms3(they only had a gt at the time)...also at the time i didnt have the money. but i have plenty now..below is the deal ill be getting..should i do it?

Current m6i 7.24% 60months 20,500(w/ 1k down)+ 3800(finance charge)= 24300

2.9% ms3 36months 21,000 + 980 (finance charge) + 5500 down=27400

3.9 % ms3 48 months 21,000 + 1700 (finance charge) + 5500 down=28200

..above is the basic break down after tax and everything
they are selling me the ms3 for 22k and giving me 16k for the 07 m6i (i will be
-3400 in equity)..but theyre giving me 1k off the ms3 so realy its like -2.4k in equity...i like the car..i dont like the fact its the first year..but i think i can let that go knowing the fact the engine has been in the ms6 and the chasis has been around for a while...i just dont know.. ill be loosing alot of money..but at the same time im upgrading.. im too much into sports cars.. thats all ive i have keeps me away from the mod bug,which is a good thing..I can wait for the 08' model and hopefully they tweak few things (eg..gear ratio, motor mount)..also i will have equity and there might be a better car for around the same price..I realy want to see how the new ser spec-v performs..ive had aone that was heavly modded so i know its potenial.. what would you do???
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