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Daytime Running Lights

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Hiya all new member here just purchased a used Mazda3 Maxx 2017 yesterday.
My question does it have daytime running lights? As the Mazda dealer I purchased from said none on my year only on later models!!!
I have started car with handbrake on & in park to look at front but no DRL's & can't find a switch anywhere.
Is there a setting somewhere to turn them on or is dealer correct in saying none on 2017 models?
The vehicle is grey colour so needs DRL's as it blends into road.
I turned parkers on during day but then the dash lights & map went dark also so am a bit confused.
Thanks all for any replies.
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Some Mazdas, you can turn them on and off by doing the Hokey Pokey and turning your self around with the key and the emergency flasher switch.
Fast forward this video to 1:34. The process is the same to turn them on and off. Personally, I have mine turned off.
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Some Mazdas, you can turn them on and off by doing the Hokey Pokey
I tried that method didn't work for me. I even went and looked for the DRL in the ECU to turn it off there....nope either it was very hidden or just not there?? IDK. So I finally tapped into it and ran a good old fashion on/off switch that I mounted under the dash but still easy to reach. IF I ever find actually needing to go to the dealer and the service lifts the hood they are going to think..."BORG" technology.


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Thanks for your replies I will try that on weekend, just seems crazy that you have to go to such lengths to do something so simple :rolleyes: On off switch combined with headlight switch Mr Mazda not that hard.;) Cheers (y)
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