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daytime running lights

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Do MZ3s in the U.S come standard with drls? I went to test drive an S seda but they only have a Hatchback, which was automatic anyway, not standard. So I drove it anyway. I didn't think to ask about drls until I was done and we were in the sales guys office. He said they are NA on the 3s. I could have sworn I saw them as standard on the spec sheet from the mazda website. So all you owners out there in the U.S. with a sedan S you have DRLs??
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no. no drls for the 3.
DRLs in general are either not available or are a factory option in the USA... Except GM Vehicles which put them as a standard feature on all their new cars.

In many of the provinces in Canada, including Ontario, they are required by law. I'm not sure which provinces do not require them but I think Quebec is one of them.

Specifically in Ontario, Daytime Running Lamps were required by the Highway Traffic Act when it was amended in 1992. These lights had to be visible from 150 metres away. Daytime Running Tailights were considered, but after many tests, they found people could not tell the difference between the DRTs and Brake Lights, so that project was scrapped (that is also another reason why it's not smart to drive with your headlights on during the day, the difference in contrast between tail and brake lights is not great enough for some people to notice the change).
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Can any of the Canadian members tell me if the DRL's are on the high beams or low beams, please? For me, the DRL's are a great safety feature that I've enjoyed on my Chevy Trailblazer and Lexus RX300. I think it's even more important on a smaller car like the 3 to have DRLs in order for people to "see" me. Thanks.
DRLs in Canada are the (unfortunately) Low Beams. This has been the one of the big debates on the forum. If mazda would have made the DRLs High beams, it's very possible we would have the Xenon option.
Could anyone tell me why can't a car use HID if there's DRL?
I live in BC Canada, and the BMWs and Mercesdes that has HID has DRLs too (required by law). Why can't we put it on our 3s?
because HIDs are for Low beams, and the mazda3 uses the lowbeams for DRLs

bimmers and benzes use highbeams for DRLs... audis use foglights
HID can't be dimmed. Only on or off
Woo Hoo!!! I can use my chemistry 101 knowledge!

HIDs are produced by a process called High Intensity Discharge, aka electron excitement. Basically, there is no filiment in an HID bulb. Just a tube of gas with an electrode at each end. Inside the tube is Xenon Gas (also used for street lights, camera flashes etc.) The electrodes send a current through the gas. The gas absorbes the energy and excites the electrons in the gas to the point where they can't take any more. At this point the atoms of the gas can't take anymore energy, so they release it in the form of light. Every gas has a different "activation energy" (energy it takes to excite the gas enough to produce light). If there isn't enough energy, no light is produced, and if there is too much, the excess energy gets turned into heat. So that explains why they can't be dimmed. You can make HIDs out of any gas, but Xenon was selected since it produces a light with a spectrum closest to daylight. (example of HID lights with other gasses are Neon Signs).

In response to the second part of why HIDs cannot be used for DRLs. The answer is, they can. Mercedes-Benz has been using their HIDs as their DRLs for years in Canada. The problem is cost. HIDs bulbs (as you know from all the conversion kits) are far more expensive than regular light bulbs. Granted they do last longer though. Mazda probably elected not to have the HID as the DRLs because with the HIDs always on, the bulb's life would be shortened, and they would have to replace HID bulbs instead of normal ones. I guess M-B figures, if you can afford a Mercedes, you can afford the replacement bulb. Why Mazda didn't make the DRLs the high beam and give HIDs to the Canadian buyers is beyond me.

I know that's a lot of reading, but I hope that helps.

P.S. Now you can guess where my nickname came from... I used to be obsessed with these kewl bulbs. Yes, I am a nerd. :D
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The reason why HID cannot be used as DRL is not because of the cost, it's because of the law in Canada.

Your DRL cannot be on at full intensity without your parking light being on, (your corner blinker and break lights). If it is running at full intensity, then those lights has to be on. With Halogen, you can get a less intense light by supplying a lower voltage, but you cannot do that with HID.
My Friend's dad has a new Mercedes Benz ML 500... His DRLs are the Xenons... no other lights on. Just the Xenon's

I've asked him about that many times. and he says they just came that way, so I don't think it's the law...

Also the new S-Class comes with only the Xenon's on as well.
yep... i dun think it's the law...

Audi's A6 is also putting HIDs as DRL ( the new A6 upcoming)..

and as to question about HID and DRL..
i just wonder y mazda didn't put the DRL to hi-beams like many other cars?? y it must be low-beam? that's just plain stupid. If it were set up like that then HID for us is very probable...

now we just have to go aftermarket and mod it....
I don't think it's the law either....since ALL BMs and MBs are ALL using HIDs for their DRL.
And I'm SURE they're not the high beams.
But I'm gonna go to Mazda and ask just to make sure.
For all the Canadian Mz3 owners, keep our fingers crossed.
not all...

at least the new BM 3-series doesnt
maybe that have something to do with those Bi-Xenon those cars have?
Could be, Bi Xenon's are the first HIDs to be allowed for legal use of HID HIGH-BEAMS....

I don't think it has to do with DRLs. It may though.
No, Bi-Xenons have absolutely nth to do with DRLs..

bi-xenon means having both low and highbeam in the same tube
and i mean the BMW 3 series doesn't that they use the reflector's halogen
The DRL on those cars I think have a dimmer in the ballast
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