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I dunno, maybe it's partly placebo effect, but I definitely think my red mz3 is glossier with zaino applied in comparison with just being clean. For me the main difference is that I've already developed some slight swirl marks (primarily from being a dumbass and using a coin operated wash when I first got my car), and a couple coats of Z5 make them pretty much completely disappear, and the couple of deeper scratches I have in the paint fade to the point of being unnoticeable from a normal distance. The results you get may depend greatly upon the color of your car, however. A deep, rich color like Red, Blue, or Black will probably benefit greatly from a wax job, whereas silver, white, and tit gray won't as much.

Personally, the main reason to wax my car, however, is to preserve the quality of the paint job. Oxidation did a nasty number to my prior car's paint job, so I want to keep this one clean and well protected.

If I want to do a full job, my procedure is:

1. Wash with dawn
2. Claybar
3. Wash again
4. Dry
5. Z-6
6. Z-5 (with Z-FX)
7. Buff off
8. Repeat steps 5 -7 as necessary
9. Z-6
10. Z-2 (with Z-FX)
11. Buff off
12. Repeat steps 9 -11 as necessary
13. One final coat of Z-6

I'll do that whole process once every few months. In between those times I'll just wash with Z-7 and do a quick detail with a coat of Z-6.
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