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My impressions after 1500 miles (Grand Touring AWD automatic)>

Noise: Quieter than my RAV4 and a little smoother on the highway.
MPG: As advertised. I have gotten almost 31 MPG since purchase. Very good for an AWD SUV.
Seats: Very comfortable and supportive. Longest trip so far 200 miles.
NAV system: Does not seem as advanced as many portable GPS systems from Garmin or Magellan. Voice recognition
is awful and free map updates for only 60 days.
Drive Train: Very smooth engine/transmission combination. Overall power is lacking, particularly when pulling into traffic
and on to freeways. This is a heavy vehicle for a 2 liter engine.
Headlights: Very sharp cutoff on low beams. Too much light is directed to the sides versus the front. (These are the headlights that
turn in the direction the vehicle is turning.)

Would I buy the CX-5 again? Too early to tell. The bias toward good MPG is in keeping with high gas prices and federal regs, but it would
still be nice to have more power when merging into traffic.
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