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So am I right in saying if we need to replace our Axle Shafts that our only current options are Empi or O.E.? I know Empi is VERY well known for their presence in the VW world. I'm assuming they're making a decent reliable replacement halfshaft also?

I'm coming up empty handed at Autozone, Napa, carquest, kragen, etc...

Anyone know the reasoning behind the lack of parts availability? Any other car on the market these shafts are a dime a dozen at any neighborhood parts store.

I've got a vibration on my car. I'll be checking the motor mounts this weekend but have noticed that my inner pass/side cv boot is ripped so I know I'll be doing an axle eventually either way. I don't have any "clicking" yet but being an inner shaft I'm not so sure I would hear it clicking when turning anyways.

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