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Hello Fellow Mazda3er's,

Pics of my install can be found on

Get this - the whole thing costed me +- R2500/$250 and sounds quite clear and more than loud enough for a sound quality man like meself.
Sony Xplode amp - 2nd Hand brand new for R500
sony Xplode 6.5" in the front doors - R300 - Yes I know they're sub par speakers and I'll be putting in splits for R800/$80
JBL0804 Sub - R550
Cabling - R250
Sound deading - R500
Fibgrelass etc - R250

The next step for me is to add more sound absorbing foam in the doors and upgrade the door speakers to JBL GTO 6.5" splits, then a better amp. For now the amp is ok.

Most people said that the JBL didn't fit in their enclosures but I MADE it fit ;) coz it was the only decent sub I could find in South Africa.

The sound deading was time consuming coz of the plastic connector in the door that I couldn't get off but like other threads have mentioned once you go through one door its easy

A big thank you to the forums and all who post here and especially people like CrzyOne

I followed the followed threads and articles:
Fibreglass sub box

Sound deadening

Fiberglass Cloth: under 2 x 320Gram bags
Fiberglass Resin: approx 2 litres
Brushes about 6!!! Note to self - by the acetone next time
Masking Tape: under $10
Old mixing containers
Wood Glue: couple bucks.
Carpet to match interior

Drill w/various bits
Scissors/shears (NOT your mom’s favorite pair – they will be ruined!)
Dremel rotary mainly for sanding
Tape measure
Hot glue gun
Disposable rubber gloves

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:goodjob: welcome to the forums! :wavey:

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posting a pic for the OP...

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