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cont topic/problem & warning to 2007 MSP3 owners

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have posted this before and here is what i learned - - -
I have a 2007 SP3 with the Bose 7 speaker system (average).I went to a shop to have him install a Basslink in the back and 2 blue street glow lights in the driver/passenger well under the dash-connected to the lighter.When he was done everything works but now the speedodometer and the miles/trip computer/guage will not funtion.Yes the light is on in the guage and the RPM guage works as well as everything else.Also the check engine/brake/traction/ABS symbols in the tach guage stay on.The car runs excellent and the Basslink does make a great upgrade.
Anyhow we got a couple of mechanics to look at it with their scanners and try to reset it and it will not.They said the new mazda's have a computer in them that when the battery is disconected for a certain amount of time (this was off for 30 mins)they have to be reset at the dealership becuase they currently have the $ 4000.00 module to do it.Very easy fix,just a pain going to the dealer for that.I asked that in the future if i want to change out my battery i will not be able to becuase of this issue,they said yes unless more of these modules show up in secondary auto repair shops.They said that VW / BMW and others are doing the same in their 07 cars,may be the technology or a marketing ploy.Has anyone with a 07 diconnected their battery of at least 30 mins and what happened ? I have my appt on monday(comp reset) and the rest of the stereo install on saturday.Worth it-yes for a excellent speaker system that will blow the Bose away. Comments ?
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dude, whats with the multiple postings of the same thing??
no need to start another thread to post updates.
Uhhhh, besides spamming... are you trying to tell me that disconnecting the battery on my 07 will cause the speedo not to work and the dash lights to stay on? NO. Sorry man, I have disconnected my battery several times already for various reasons, once even over night. Popped it back in and all is fine. Reset my stereo setting obviously.. but the stuff you mentioned.. def not.

Sounds like a bad Basslink install to me..
So if a battery dies.....and has been out for 30+ minutes. And you get a new batt, the speedo won't work?

I'd sue mazda. Thats "dangerous" lol
Im putting my money on the shop doesn't know what the heck they are talking about.
sorry about the spam,just trying to get some feedback from others.The car runs fine just the trip computer and odometer not working and needs a reset from the dealer,unless something else went wrong with the install he is not telling me about.He said he will cover all costs as he 100 % covers all costs to fix it,got it in writing.The bass link power comes from the battery and the source is from the existing Bose sub.Interesting that others w/ 07 SP3 have disconected their battery for any length of time with no re-boot issues...again sorry for the multiple posts,and i just made my 2nd payment
thats b.s. ive already had mine out for over 2 hours while i was installing my stereo. then aging for ~45 min when i checked my motor mount.
I think the guy who did your install is a idiot and screwed your car up cause he couldnt remember if black was negative or positive.

I would sue the dumb ass installer you paid to hack your new car up.
Stereo places often like to have fun with people and hook up blinkers to volume switches and make it so you turn your station it will shut the car off...

I dont know why people goto places to get stuff installed, especially under seat lights, you should try the project yourself, there are dozens of threads explaining HOW TO or DIY install amps, subs, lights, almost anything you want, and if you cannot find it you can just ask it!

Then you will know it was wired right, you will be able to uninstall it, or add on with out shoveling out extra cash for lets face it... people who dont give a shit about your car

Only counter i could find to my post is that if you are getting something that is super custom done, but that is a different story...
thanks for the replies,i have noticed unless I'm not paying attention that the ones that are disconnecting their batteries all have 06 and earlier models.The mechanic said that in 07 they went to a new CAN computer that when the battery is disconnected it will not completely reset.I'm going to finish the install / door speaker + amp and then go to the dealer.If they fix it under the warranty great,if not this business has a bill to pay-any problems in doing this I'm sure a judge would love to have his and mine time wasted although the guy seems legit.What happened to the day of quality honesty, integrity, work ethec?I would love to learn this stuff but am afraid to experiment by trial and error on my car,need to work-have family etc.Someday these dealerships will offer high-end audio as a option so you do not have to go aftermarket,everycar i've owned i have upgraded.Here is their web site....
Hard to say with these places.. they seem to hire people all the time cause they come and go... never know why.. maybe cause they got a better paying job or maybe cause they were complete morons and didnt know how to install something.
Maybe you got a guy who didnt know what he was doing. I can only think of one company around here i would trust to do an install on my car. I was at one the guy just got it installed, came back 10 minutes later and saying there was noise and all kinds of shit going wrong, but they dont seem to know what they are doing there.. i just went there to check out some speakers, not to buy, cause they rip you off there. Its car tunes in michigan in case any michigan people read this :)
well on saturday i get the 4- 6.5 / JL audios & pioneer amp.That should do it for me,keeping the HU.
Monday off to the dealer,need to get a extra key made and also want to know why when i have 2 passengers in the back seat when going over a road bump or divit you can hear the body scraping(rear shock issue?)Maybey with the combine issues their will be no $$$ involved,although i hear they do not like aftermarket stuff.I'm very happy with this car,very fast and in a couple of days have a banging-rockin sound system.Thanks for all your inputs.Anyone with a 07*MSP3 do any upgrades ?
are you doing coaxials in front and rear?

i hope not.. wont get much imaging in the front with coaxials in the front doors.

the rears is find just for fill.
yes f/r coax,had them before in my last car-i like the highs all around,i think it cleans up the sound and with all that bass it bings the vocals/drums up - - - personal pref,just like the basslink,yes no doubt their are many better choices but then for my overall budget it gets the job done and gives me more romm in the back...
sorry- fronts will have JL Audio/ TR650-CSi Component Systems & rears TR650-CXi Coaxials powered by a Pioneer amp that puts out 60RMS w
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