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connecting subs to amps?

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ok i searched and read a lot of threads on this topic but i still have a few questions...

i'll first give you the background... i'm planing on getting a complete system for my 3... i have to buy all the parts from bestbuy up her in canada becasue i can get them at cost +10%... therefore my choices are limited... i'm building a single 10" custom ported box and doing the installation myself...

the sub i'm gonna use is a Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 3... its a dual voice coil sub and it comes in either 2 or 4 ohm configurations... my first questions is which one should i get (2 or 4ohm) if my choice of amps is as follows...

Rockford Fosgate Punch P3001 (1 channel)
Rockford Fosgate Punch P3002 (2 channel bridgable)
click here for a comarison chart of the two amps

i'm a little confused because the sub has a dual voice coil and i don'l know if that means i have to connect them separately or if they share the same terminal... also i don't know if its better to run at 2 ohms or 4...

i found the following picture at one of the websites refered to by a thread on the tipic...

what i gather from this picture is that the dual 4 owm sub would require an amp running at 2 ohms and the dual 2 ohm sub would require an amp running at 1 ohm... is this right?

any input is appreciated... some links to some sites where i can learn more about this tuff would be great too...

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you can work these sorts of things out pretty easily with some simple math.

ok, your dual 4ohm coils with a single woofer:

in Series __0______0___
you have 4ohms + 4ohms
=8ohm load on the amp.

in Parrallel
You have 4ohms / 2 coils
= 2ohm load on the amp.

then you can combine these if you have 2 woofers.

two woofers with their coils in series and the woofer in series = 8ohms + 8 ohms = 16 ohm load on amp
two woofers with coils in parrallel and woofers in series = 2ohms + 2ohms = 4 ohm load
two woofers with coils in series and woofers in parrallel = 8 ohms / 2 woofers = 4 ohm load
two woofers with coils in parrallel and woofers in parrallel = 2ohms / 2 woofers = 1 ohm load.

easy huh.
Series adds the impedance.
parralel divides it by the number of loads i the chain.
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