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csweeney said:
6i weighs more, get the 3s-same engine, the 3 will move quicker and handles better, IMO.
While I can't vouch for the 3 moving or handling better than the 6, I wouldn't be at all surprised. I've been in an auto 6i, and from the passenger seat it felt like a dog compared to even the 3i with a 5-speed. Since the 3s has the same engine as the 6i but weighs less, I'd think the 3 would be a bit quicker.

I was enamored with the 6 until the 3 came out...and suddenly the 6 doesn't really do much for me anymore. Very nice car, but the 3 just seems...prettier to me somehow. :)

I guess they are somewhat similar cars, and you'll have to buy the one that drives better. You have test-driven 'em both, haven't you? If you drive them both and come away thinking they're equal, then go for the 3 as it will likely have cheaper insurance and better fuel economy.
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