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margomaps said:
csweeney said:
6i weighs more, get the 3s-same engine, the 3 will move quicker and handles better, IMO.
While I can't vouch for the 3 moving or handling better than the 6, I wouldn't be at all surprised. I've been in an auto 6i, and from the passenger seat it felt like a dog compared to even the 3i with a 5-speed. Since the 3s has the same engine as the 6i but weighs less, I'd think the 3 would be a bit quicker.

I was enamored with the 6 until the 3 came out...and suddenly the 6 doesn't really do much for me anymore. Very nice car, but the 3 just seems...prettier to me somehow. :)

I guess they are somewhat similar cars, and you'll have to buy the one that drives better. You have test-driven 'em both, haven't you? If you drive them both and come away thinking they're equal, then go for the 3 as it will likely have cheaper insurance and better fuel economy.
Yep, test driven the 3 and the 6-I happen to own a 6 b/c it came out first ;). Didn't know about the 3, don't know that I would have waited that much longer. Truthfully, I didn't test drive the 6i auto-seemed to slow, but numerous 6i auto drivers claim that it works for them.

nerf said:
Well, I just finalized on my 3 friday, but it's in the shop getting the leather installed right now, and the loaner car they gave me is a 6i. I don't like it :( Suprisingly enough it doesn't seem to handle as well, seems a bit less stable on turns, and has a much smaller turning radius than the 3
I think you mean bigger turning radius than the 3. From what I've heard from other members on the 6 board the turning radius was compromised by the handling. In other words, to get the handling that the 6 has, the turning radius became larger. I don't know much about the 6i, I have a 6s, but I would think this was the same regardless of how many cylinders it has. As for stability on turns-this could have been a result of the loaner 6 not having the 17" wheels, and the possiblity that you aren't used to driving a car a little bigger than the 3. It took me some time to get used to, and that's coming from a 626.

I know a lot of you guys are biased towards the 3 b/c this is the 3 board, but keep in mind that the 3 is the little brother/sister to the 6. They are extremely similar IMO and they are both nice ass cars. I would take either one in a heartbeat. The thing that would have been my deciding factor though would have been the lack of v6 in the 3 line. I need power! *muhaha*. But a manual 3s would have been just fine, if I could stand driving a manual every day for the next 5 yrs or more. As for the gauge cluster in the 3-man I would have been getting some speeding tickets with that speedometer set up the way it is. 30mph is way down at the bottom, that would have taken some getting used to.
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