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MazdaHaveIt said:
dinu01 said:
The 6i HB will cost about $25500 CAD and the 3s HB costs $22500 (added A/C and nothing else so they're comparable).

$3K means different budgets for most buyers though...
That is a good point....but can anyone help me out here, what is that converted to US dollars?

And am i seeing your post correctly....6i HB?....does that mean it's a 4 cylinder engine?

I mean we're comparing 4cyl cars w/4cyl cars not w/a V6.

Again, the equipement in my comparo is similar - no sunroof, 17" alloys or other "upscale" options added - just the basic car (pwr everything+A/C).

Another issue:

We can't compare prices b/w Can+US - different market priorities for the avg buyer + different % of income left after taxes + VERY fifferent interst rates!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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