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I know I am a little late, but why not.

I love the way the Lancer looks on the outside. Before it came to the U.S. I saw them on the streets in China and thought they were so cool looking. The concept was appealing: compact car with zippy engine, tuned for good handling, and with styling to match.

But once the Lancers finally came to the US, they were kind of dull. The engines were underpowered and the interior looked drab. I've driven quite a few base model Lancers as rental cars. The GM-like interior is a poor match for what is supposed to be a youthful car.

Just a few days ago I was in the local CarMax getting a quote for my old Accord in preparation for buying my MZ3. They happened to sell new Mitzubishi at this CarMax so my wife and I sat in a few of them. The same drab interior just killed it for us. The seats also didn't feel right. I felt like I was going to slip forward no matter how I adjusted the driver seat. And the wagon version reminded me of the late-80's early-90's Corolla wagon with the flat-slab lines in the back.
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