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XpLicit toNe said:
i also was trying to decide on whether to go for a Ralliart or the MZ3 and ive decided that the MZ3 might just be better in the long run.
For example resale value.
anyways im planning on buying one in march for my 21st b-day.
ive never bought a new car before but i hope with a 6 thousand downpayment i can get the vehicle for a good deal!
ahhahaha you are like me! haha I was thinking aobut the ralliart and the mazda 3.. and the mazda 3 just looks ALOT better IMO and it was more fun to drive then the ralliart. and I also got the mazda 3 for my 21st bday.. hahaha right on.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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