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Which colour is best for the Mazda 3 sports hatch?

  • Black

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  • Titanium

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  • Silver

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Colours for Mazda SP23 Hatch

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Which colour do you guys think is best for the Mazda 3 sports hatch?
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Black is always nice, but you can't keep it clean.

Titanium rules.
You forgot the winning blue. Looks real cool. But the vlack is real nice. But hard to keep clean.
Yeah, I refuse to vote unless Winning Blue is an option. Or something that's not a shade of gray. That's like saying "what's you favorite type of music: rap, r&b, or soul?"
Of those choices I would go with black for the HB. Funny how I wouldn't consider black for the sedan but that HB pic on makes it look GOOD!
Sorry guys, the reason I didn't put up blue is because I was trying to get your opinions as I'm deciding on the colour I should get and I've already narrowed it down to three.

I know titanium and silver are shades but they do look different, and I value the opinions of forum members! :)
No prob!

You're welcome to post more often (hint hint) :)
Titanium definetely. If you like silver and black, then just chose tit cause its in between those colors. hehe
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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