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I did a modification to my slave cylinder to see if it would help high clutch release as there is no adjustment provided by Mazda's design. See thread

It worked great for over 70 miles then slowly self adjusted back to where I started. The obvious thing is to adjust the master cylinder stroke. That is how cars with adjustment capability do it. Due to the design and construction I can't come up with a way to do it.

Any suggestions are welcome. Racers feel free to tell how you set up your clutches to get a lower pedal release. My pedal engages about 3 inches up with about 1 inch of free play.

I'm running a stock flywheel(had it machined) with a M-PACT stage 1 clutch I purchased from Rockauto. Curious if it is the clutch.
FYI: I bought the 2004 mazda 3s with a blown 2.3 and put a 2.5 Fusion engine in it. Don't know what it was like before the modifications and have no prior experience driving this model so I have no comparison from before. Just what I know now.

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