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Clear bra 3M installer in NY/NJ area

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Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anybody knows a good clearbra installer in NY/NJ. Preferably NYC or Long Island because I live in Queens. I only have a few hundred miles on my Speed3 with no scratches yet. My hood needs protection badly. Thanks.
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Call Lee Berrebi at 973-477-6717

I absolutely recommend Lee, not only are his prices reasonable but he does top notch work.

He did the tint and paint kit on my SP23 - 35% Madico all the way around, full Rockblocker front kit w/ headlights and fogs on an S sedan.

Plus, the characters in the garage next door will keep you entertained. It's a Suby shop and there are a bunch of guys who just bring a cooler full of beverages and hang out and get work done on their cars.

Exit 138 off the GSP in Kenilworth, NJ.
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Thanks. How much did the clearbra cost?
I bought it from Rockblocker when they were a site sponsor, It was like $230 for the whole kit during one of their big sales. They recommended Lee, so I checked him out, liked his work, and had him install the kit. The install cost around $150.

But I would call Lee first - he might be able to get you a better price on the kit. Had I known about him beforehand I would have gone straight through him.

I have actually been thinking about going back to him to get the whole hood covered instead of just the front piece.
My buddy has a 07 Zo6 i hang out with there crowd alot! All i hear about is detailingdynamics, they are located in miniola LI check out there website i have seen 20+ Zo6's with there work. Crazy good work! I know they are a little on the high side, but i feel i can never surpass quality for budget. Hope this helps They do crazy cars there.
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to call for some quotes soon.

Any more suggestions in Long Island?
sorry i ment last time i looked that was it. There a re alot of ppl that claim to do it but ive seen worse than do it yourself from them. I hear its a Very tetious craft. Good luck post pics if decied to do it
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