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Chassis Grease

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I know grease is grease for the most part,
But any suggestions for greaseing the chasis?
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Did you find a grease nipple somewhere on your car?
LOL... No I just figure after all the snow...and ice and hell I drove my car throught over the winter, next few weeks when I get a chance I figure I'll get under the chassis and apply some new grease around some joints boots and bushings....That and the fact that someone got me a new grease gun....Never really used one before and figure I'll put it to use and shoot things!
To excessive?

I was thinking that too.....
I use Mobil 1 synthetic grease. One can is lasting a long time.

For hinges and the like, I use silicone lube spray.

I think you can also seal rubber hoses, fitting seals, and insulated wire with silicone lube or something similar to keep them pliable. Wipe off excess so excess dust doesn't accumulate.

I also think cleaning "grit" on greased fittings before pumping lube is something to think about.
For chassis grease, you'd want something NLGI rated GC-LB. It's the grease equivalent of the API approvals.

I haven't found anything to grease on the Mazda3 though. Sounds like you're wanting to use it as more of a rubber preservative. I don't know how much benefit there is to that.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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